BC Trip 2012

"Sea to Sky"


After returning to Lillooet we headed north east on highway 99 into t he Marble Mountains. The area is somewhat arid similar to areas that are on the down slope side of a mountain range. The trees are smaller, the mountains not quite as grand as the Cayoosh creek area. But the number of aspens and the color quality of the autumn trees were superior in many ways. So we found many waterways, lakes and creeks with ample color.

These are birch trees. We burn birch for firewood and its an excellent hardwood. Also a rich yellow colored foliage in the fall.

On the way to Cache Creek we made several stops along areas that were very accessible with short walks along the banks of rivers and lakes.
Love those fall reflections! This is Pavilion Lake.
Stands of aspens crop up in the run off areas of the mountain sides.
Birch and gold leaf with emerald green waters...
Birch groves everywhere... where's the elk?
It's not all me out here shooting by any means... Many of these images are Nancy's photographs!
Never fails... someone hears we are going to be taking photos for our website and everyone wants to be in the pictures!
Glacial silt and crystal clear waters create some unusual greens that shimmer with a light breeze.
After passing through Cache Creek we turned south on Highway 1 along the Thompson River. The climate remains arid and signs of old settlements pop up along the river and railroad.
A transition from arid to conifer forests with more maples along the Thompson River around Spence's Bridge.  The climate turns wetter as we enter the Spuzzum area and join the Fraser River Canyon again. Spuzzum info here. The Spuzzum First Nation speaks the Nle?kepmxc'in language.
Vine maples are ablaze in the Fraser River Canyon.
Typical rural road with the normal speed of 50 km per hour. That's about 31 miles an hour.

This is just above Hope BC. Our road turns west from here. We looked around Hope for accommodations but a combination of dated facilities and a 3:30 PM early stop time pushed us down the road further.

We decided to travel Highway 7 instead of the main highway. The road was much more scenic but not long after we left Hope it began to rain. Then it started to dump... and soon I was driving with the wipers on high, hitting ponds of water on the pavement and wishing I still had Hope in my mirror!

After a grueling drive until late afternoon early evening, we finally decided to head out toward the main highway after circling a town called Agassiz. We didn't seem to be able to leave, we just kept arriving back in the same town every time we drove out we seemed to drive back in. It was like the Twilight Zone.... How could I leave a town called Hope! And now I am stuck in Agassiz!

Without a data plan there is no GOOGLE... no info to tell us what services are available and where they are. I searched my mind for what we used to do before smart phones turned us dumb... 3AAA books! Shoulda thought of that earlier... like two weeks earlier. Oh, the GPS! it has a search function for categories! We dug the Magellan out and searched for motels. Viola! a list of Best Western motels! Within kilometers... maybe even meters (what ever those are)....

Abbotsford had three Best Westerns and we check in to the closest one. Two queen size beds, no dog fee and a restaurant within walking distance! Oh glory be.

Next morning we discussed going home or??? We decided to take another day because we had the time set aside. We packed up and headed for Horseshoe Bay and the ferry to the Sunshine Coast! And as you can see... there was Sunshine!

Back on the ferry for the Sunshine Coast. We had read, and were told, this ride was only 18.00. I had been computing that figure into our decisions for travel over the past week. Now we board and the cost is 78.00. At this point the motels I had paid for had each put a hold on my debit card and the hold had not been released when the motel was paid for. So my account was running low. Nancy covered our travel on the ferry and the remainder of the trip. Be cautious while traveling with your debit card.
All weather travel in comfort on the BC Ferries.
It felt great to continue the vacation. We were both having a wonderful time and we were just not ready for it to end!
The top deck is the best for photos and there are sheltered areas if you don't care for the wind, or if it's spitting rain. I like getting right out on the edge. These images are all 25 MB each and are incredible on a big wide screen or will print at 24x36!
The area was living up to its name... Sunshine looked great after last night's deluge!

Click the Map Thumbnail for a full size map image.
This is the map of the Sunshine Coast. We stopped in Gibsons township at the Info Center but it was closed so I photographed the map. Nancy stopped in a local corner market and bought me one which proved to be invaluable in our travels on the coast.