June 2009 - Palouse Art by James and Nancy Geddes

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The Palouse in southeastern Washington has always been a mysterious place to me. I have
seen some beautiful photographs from other photographers from that region but have not had the time to
journey there myself. It's about a 6 to 7 hour drive from Whidbey Island.

There are few times when I feel that I actually use the camera like a brush to create artwork.
The Palouse offers that opportunity. My lens flowed across the landscape like the gentle strokes
of my pastels. Finding hidden obscure innuendos of light and shadow playing across the
golden green fields. It was truly magical!

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I have created a limited number of  DVDs of the extended show that plays here. More photos, more music... only 12 minutes but enjoyed thoroughly by all that have seen it. No one can play it just once... it always runs two, three, four times... or more!